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Tonight, at last, I am coming home

Earth moves beneath its dream landscape

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Birthdate:Nov 25
Location:Ontario, Canada
I've never been good at writing blurbs about myself. I'm always afraid of revealing too much or not enough information. Probably more of the former. Anyone surfing by this profile can take a look at my interests and the groups I find interesting to see if there is some thing we could chat about.

My basic bio is that I was born an only child and I have almost always owned a cat. Or the cat allows me to live in the same place as him or her. I'm never sure how that works, and the cat won't tell me :). Perhaps one day I will become a crazy cat lady, but that hasn't happened yet.

I am married to a wonderful guy; and we have no kids and two cats, and that's enough for now.

Right now my plan is to retire officially as early as possible so that I can spend my days reading, writing, and playing video games. Yes, I am a big kid and plan to stay that way.

My favourite food groups are Coke Zero, dark chocolate, potato chips, and popcorn (not necessarily all at once). I never ate my veggies as a child, much to my parents' chagrin and dismay.

My dream is to write full time like a lot of other people here. Unfortunately, I also suffer from being blocked most of the time, so that is a big thing to overcome. Maybe this journal will help with that.

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